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Snyder Magazines

  a division of Snyder Fabrication LLC

High capacity, extended magazines for Savage Rifles

                                                 (Axis/Edge , 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16)

For more information please send us a message through our Contact Page.

Prices and Photos are found on the Products Page.

Snyder Magazines makes magazines for SHORT ACTION rifles only.*


So, you've just bought your Savage rifle and are disgusted with the small stock magazine...well, so were we.

So we did something about it!

We produce high capacity, extended magazines for the Savage Axis/Edge, Axis II, Model 10, Model 11, Model 12, Model 14, and Model 16 rifles as long as they have REMOVEABLE BOX MAGAZINES.  Please be

sure and note your model number on the order form, on the Products Page and check the box that applies to the location of your magazine lever.




If your caliber is not listed here, we do not make it. Check out your state firearm limits, we cannot ship to some areas, and we comply with all firearm regulations. Click "Products" above to order.

We convert stock Savage .204/.222/.223 REM mags into 10 and 15 round high capacity, extended magazines using a Mini 14 magazine and some meticulous machine work inside to make loading and firing smoother.

We also make 10 round magazines for the .243/.308 WIN/.260 REM/.250 SAV/.300 SAV/.260 REM/7mm-08 REM and 6.5 Creedmore, using a G3 magazine as a donor.

The G3 donor mag can also be used to convert the 22-250 magazines into 10 round mags.

We use only steel magazines welded together, not glued. 

We can provide both magazines for conversion, or you can send us your stock Savage magazine to keep your cost lower. Be sure and check the part number and stock numbers of the Savage magazines we need on our Products Page. More information is available there.

Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis from date of payment. We keep some calibers in stock and can ship immediately, but they do go fast. Once they are gone it is a 4-week lead time.

Snyder Magazines - Mount Gilead, OH 43338

      a division of Snyder Fabrication LLC

We're in this together.

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Prices, photos and

descriptions are found on our


that page before mailing us.


Snyder Magazines ONLY builds short action magazines!

LONG ACTION RIFLES are any Savage model with a 3-digit number (Savage 111, 112, 116, etc.) or the calibers 30-06, 270, 325, 25-06. We do not know of anyone who is making these magazines at this time.

SHORT ACTION RIFLES have 2-digit model numbers (10, 11, 12, 14, 16 and Axis) and those magazines must be ordered using the order form located on the Products Page.

USING A BOYD'S STOCK? Our magazines are made for the original Savage stocks, and we cannot guarantee they will work with the Boyd's stocks. However one customer has sent photos of a slight modification he makes that allows him to use our magazine in his Boyd's. If you have a Boyd's, contact us before ordering for more information.

w Due to US Export Laws, we only ship to addresses within

the United States.