Welcome to Snyder Mags!

At Snyder Mags, we manufacture custom built -- all steel -- high capacity
10- and 15- Round extended magazines for several short-action Savage

Each magazine is hand crafted by adding a steel extension to a standard
Savage magazine.  Our custom magazines are always welded -- never

We build magazines for these Savage short-action rifles:

  • Savage Edge
  • Savage Axis
  • Savage Axis II
  • Model 10
  • Model 11
  • Model 12
  • Model 14
  • Model 16
  • Model 110 (short-action only)
  • Model 111 (short-action only)

Our magazines will fit these calibers:

  • .204
  • .222
  • .223
  • .243
  • .250 Savage
  • .260 Remington
  • .300 Savage
  • 6.5 Creedmore
  • 7mm-08
  • .308
  • 22-250

Before Your Order:

  1. Your gun must have a removable box magazine in order to use our products.
  2. Your rifle must be a short-action rifle.
  3. We will not sell any product to anyone under the age of 18 years old.
  4. We will only sell or ship products to areas where our products are legal.  Please check your local and state gun laws before placing your order.
  5. Due to US Export Laws, we only ship to addresses within the United States of America.

Ready to check out our great mags?


 From Bryan in Michigan:

Received my new 15 round mag for the Savage Axis .223 yesterday.   Upon initially looking it over I could tell it was very well manufactured. The welds look great, and the matt-black paint is even better than original.  I am beyond pleased with the purchase. Well worth the money to have a quality built mag that lets me shoot longer between re-loads.  Thank you very much!

From Kent: 

Terrific product, worked flawlessly right out of the box!  Thanks!

From Larry:

Magazine arrived today in the mail. I snaps into place perfectly and cycles smoothly. The look and appearance far exceed my expectations; this is a high quality product. Thank you so very much.

From Dave in California:

Hi Tom and Terri, I'm happy to let you know that my package was delivered to one of my neighbors. It was addressed correctly, just delivered to the wrong house. I tested the magazines as far as loading them and cycling rounds through my rifle. All worked well. Thank you for your innovation and great products!

From Kenneth in Indiana:

Thank you so very much, I am so impressed with your product!

From Mark in Nevada:

Received my 10 round clip fits and works great! Thank you!

From Anthony in California:

Tom, Received the 10 caps magazine for my Savage .223 Axis  yesterday, Monday morning.  Tried loading and reloading it - perfect.   I'm very much satisfied.  Will try to test fire live this weekend.  Looking forward to do business again with your company.  Thanks!

From Barry in South Carolina:

Shot my new 15 cap. .223 today and found it to be better than my two Savage 5 shot mags!  Thanks!