How to Care for Your New Mag

If you are reading this, you most likely have already purchased one of our 10- or 15-round magazines for your Savage rifle. Congratulations! We know you will be happy with your new mag, but to make sure, we have created this post with some basic tips about protecting your new magazine from common wear and tear. If you do have any issues please contact us right away and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

To properly use your magazine …

  • Test your magazine immediately. We give you a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects, so please test your magazine as soon as you receive it.
  • Seat your magazine in your rifle securely. To do this, tilt the magazine so that the rear latch goes in first, then bring the front latch up. It will click in place when the magazine is secure. If the magazine is not seated properly, the bullets will not load correctly.
  • Never try to pry out the metal clip tab to make the magazine fit tighter in place. There is a good chance it will break off, voiding your warranty.
  • Do not overload your magazine. Even though your magazine might be able to fit more than 10 or 15 rounds, only use the correct number of cartridges for your magazine. Overloading the magazine can cause feeding problems, may affect how the magazine fits into the gun, damage the spring, or damage your rifle. A 10-round magazine holds 10 rounds and a 15-round magazine holds 15 rounds. Please be sure to count your cartridges as you load them!
  • Brass cartridges are your friend. Brass cartridges will help your new magazine last longer and load flawlessly. Savage magazines have problems with steel cartridges and since we use original Savage parts in our magazines, we have to assume that anything that does not work well in them will also not work well in ours. If you do choose to use steel cartridges, we cannot be responsible if you experience feeding problems.
  • About that bottom plate … We have added a welded piece of metal below the plastic clip on the Savage magazine to strengthen the bottom plate that holds that clip, as well as the back of the mag. This adds strength to the plate when you are inserting it into the gun, which is when most people get breakage. These precautions help prevent this, but in the rare instance you do break your magazine, we will replace that plastic bottom plate that holds the clip for $6.00. Just give us a call if this happens and we can help arrange this.

To properly care for your magazine …

  • To clean your magazine, use a clean wet cloth with mild soap. Harsh chemicals and some gun cleaners can damage the paint.
  • Only use a non-abrasive cloth. Steel wool or abrasive cleaning pads may damage the paint.
  • Store your magazine in a dry place. Your magazine is built with steel parts and will last a very long time if it is stored away from moisture.

Every magazine we make is tested prior to leaving our shop. We load it, attach it, and cycle through every last cartridge. As long as it is used properly, you will shoot many successful rounds — well, at least the rounds will fire the way they should, but hitting that target is all on you!

Keep it safe!
Tom & Terri Snyder

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